I Love Venezuela Sweden (ILVSwe) is a Non-Profit Association created in Stockholm in January 2018 by a group of committed Venezuelan and Swedish mothers & engaged individuals.

The board of directors is composed by three members: Anna Brännström (President), Wuendy Cardenas (Treasurer) and Carmen Chumaceiro (Secretary).


Anna Brannstrom. Role: Founder & President

Wuendey Cardenas. Role: Founder & Treasurer

Carmen Chumaceiro. Role: Founder & Secretary


The future of any nation are its children. Investing in the wellbeing and education of children & women is the first step to peace and prosperity.

We firmly believe that supporting our current and coming generations will lead a Venezuela without poverty, free from crime and violence. Here every person has equal opportunities and access to basic supplies. Freedom, equality and safety is a given. The country is economically independent and has domestic food production. 

To support in this journey ILVSwe is dedicated to raise funds to support established social projects and local NGOs with a focus on children and women in Venezuela. ILVSwe will also work to create partnerships with local and international organizations in Sweden and to promote the Venezuelan cause and lobby for the channeling of resources to projects in the country.

We firmly believe that all children have the right to grow in a safe environment with access to basic needs. Based on this our Mission is: 

“To be a solid bridge between Sweden and Venezuela. Through love and solidarity we give hope by empowering women and children.”

We will work to put Venezuela in the agenda of top management within Swedish businesses. Through this network increase attention on the situation and raise both governmental funding as well as corporate CSR funding to support local social projects.

“By supporting local efforts to transform and empower the lives of poor and vulnerable children and women in Venezuela, we work to ensure these children have the chance to survive and thrive.”

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