Education and Health, those are the cornerstones of the PROYECTO MANIAPURE.
This center was created to provide support to the CUBO Foundation, who was
the pioneer at the social actions that provided aid to the remote region of
Venezuela located in Bolivar State, 125 km from Caicara del Orinoco (the Orinoco River)

They started with a small school founded in 1968, in those days they didn't even have roads, and with the help of many Volunteers, they were able to provide medical and odontological aid to that community.

In 1992, the Company KBT donated to the Cubo Foundation, an infrastructure located between the Caicara Municipal Road and the Maniapure River, to make a dream come true: aid all that Indigenous Community.

This place has a 2000 square feet construction, composed of sheds, offices, dorms, bathrooms, etc.that they have been improving it over the years and have adapted it into today’s medical and educational needs.

Tomas Sanabria, his Founder and current President, and ADS (America Developing Smiles) work hard everyday to take to this very remote place, all there is in matter of making the life of these Indigenous Communities better each day

One of the more proud accomplishments they have, is that they practice Telemedicine, using computers, Internet and other communication technologies to provide healthcare to all the patients


SCOPE: I Love Venezuela Foundation proudly collaborated with ADS (Asociacion de Damas Salesians) to give financial aid needed to sustain years 

PERIOD: Started in 2015

STATUS: Completed 2015 budget. We will continue rising funds to secure 2016 upcoming budget 

IN KIND CONTRIBUTIONS: Mobilizing others to continue directly 


In January 2015 the Center had Annual Medicine Operative which helps around