Technology has become a crucial tool for transformation. It has allowed us to bring together individuals deeply committed to children’s health in vulnerable communities in Latin America, as well as promoting a better quality of life.

Our story began in Venezuela 4 years ago. We have empowered an incredible medical community, including NGOs, public and private institutions, and medical students. These groups are highly committed to providing humane health care services.

Our innovative technology platform, constantly evolving and improving, allows us to digitally record data during each health drive, evaluate and diagnose every patient, and indicate the appropriate medical treatment. We can now produce immediate consultation reports and generate data analytics to drive high-impact public policies and health programs.

The work that Digisalud and the I Love Venezuela Foundation have accomplished together is a testament to the importance of strong alliances to create change. We have been able to do good and impact the lives of thousands of children. With your support, we will continue articulating the resources to help our beneficiaries, by strengthening their initiatives and driving concrete plans to contribute to the quality of life of future generations.



58,000 children without access to public health services have been benefited

270 health drives


individual medical evaluations